Friday, April 23, 2010

Perched Gingerwort, Hardy Ginger

Hedychium longicornutum at the McMillan Greenhouse, UNCC

The two common names I was able to find for this tropical plant, Hedychium longicornutum, are Perched Gingerwort, which probably refers to its epiphytic habit of growing in trees, and Hardy Ginger.  It is native to southeast Asia, so hardy in this case means it withstands nearly freezing temperatures.   It's striking, isn't it?  I understand it's quite possible to grow it here as long as it overwinters indoors, but, apparently it's very hard to find.  I'll just enjoy the one at the McMillan greenhouse - and so can you!


  1. I've never heard that it grows in trees.

  2. Hi, Daricia! I think I saw all of the Gardens at UNCC. I really enjoyed going there. I LOVED the greenhouses!!! I filled my camera before I got to the greenhouses, so I'll have to go back just to photograph in them! When I went to UNCC, I thought about you, knowing I was in your neighborhood. :)

  3. Phillip, I believe it's hanging in an orchid basket at UNCC, but my web research says it prefers tree branches in its native malaysian forest.

    Ruth, I could stay in the greenhouses for hours - and have at times. I'm so glad you enjoyed your visit.

  4. You can buy this ginger at Top Tropicals, as well as Gardino Nursery- both have websites to order from. I bought one last year from Gardino, and it is starting to bloom now!