Friday, March 26, 2010

Thalia, You're Gorgeous Dahling

Narcissus 'Thalia'

Thalia is a small, mid- to late-season daffodil.  At only 14" tall with 2" flowers, it is just a smidge too large to be considered miniature.  Each stem produces 2 or 3 nodding flowers, usually with reflexed petals and short cups which puts it in the American Daffodil Society's Division 5 triandrus daffodils, or cultivars derived from Narcissus triandrus.  Thalia's hybridizer is M. Van Waveren and Sons of Holland where it first flowered in 1916.  Daffodils registered before 1940 are considered historic daffodils by the American Daffodil Society and we are encouraged to grow them "in order to assure their preservation for the pleasure and use of future generations." 

In my garden Thalia is in bed with a dogwood tree and two Pieris japonica 'Mountain Fire.' It has been there 3 years now and seems to love it, multiplying nicely.  The slightly creamy color, mild fragrance and  demure nod of the blossoms absolutely steal my heart.  Let's hear it for historic daffodils! 

Thalia is commonly available online and in your local garden center.  If you are interested in more historic daffodils, here's the ADS's list.


  1. I have to agree with you it is gorgeous. There is just something about a pure white bloom that looks so pretty to me. Thanks for sharing her.

  2. I have a couple Thalia-- new last year. They aren't ready to bloom yet, I am watching for them.