Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Glencairn Garden in Rock Hill, SC

Glencairn Garden is in the heart of Old Town Rock Hill.  Originally the six acre backyard of Dr. David and Hazel Bigger, landscape architect Robert Marvin redesigned it in 1959 as a beautiful public garden with pathways surrounding a cascading fountain and pool.  It is the birthplace of the Come-See-Me-Festival which is held every April.  I made a lunchtime stroll through the garden yesterday.

First, the drive in on Crest Street.

Don't you love these old neighborhoods? 

Step outside your front door and look at...

this every day!

All the little children in the garden go straight to the water to put their fingers and toes in.  

The Cascade Fountain makes good garden music.

A camellia drapes over the Japanese Bridge.

Old is beautiful with camellias.  When they are limbed up so they can arch over you as you walk down a path or over a bridge, they are glorious!

Around the pool...

A few steps up the hill to the upper garden.

What pleasing curves!  Makes for a very pretty lawn, doesn't it? 

Back down the camellia lined path...

and off to eat lunch!


Glencairn is a beautiful public space, especially in early spring with cherries, redbuds, saucer magnolias, daffodils and later azaleas and dogwoods.  There were several people taking pictures of their children in Easter outfits and  I'm sure wedding photos are made there as well.  There is a small park close by with picnic tables where you can enjoy your lunch after your stroll.  I had never been before, or even heard of it until a few weeks ago, but it's a treasure.  Lovely. 

Glencairn Garden


  1. See, that's the kind of pond I need. And more flowering trees around it--gorgeous. My two serviceberies and two crabapples seem paltry in comparison.

  2. that's the kind of pond i need, too! isn't it great? thanks for dropping by, benjamin.