Saturday, February 27, 2010

Houseplant Surprises

Look what I found when I was repotting some houseplants recently -  buds!  Maybe that's not the most surprising thing given the time of year, but this amaryllis already had five flowers earlier in February.  Huge, double red blooms.  The Christmas cactus didn't bloom at all during the last two falls when it should have.  A few weeks ago I had moved it closer to the window where it probably gets quite cool at night, and there were buds on the side closest to the window.  Once when the cat or dog broke off a piece of the cactus, I stuck it in the soil of a begonia.  It has rooted now and  I'll be able to put it in its own tiny pot and add it to my growing succulent collection.  
Home depot succulents in clearance dishes from Wal-Mart.


  1. I love the way you have placed some smaller grow pots inside of a larger dish bought from Walmart supported by pebbles and sand. The water can drain through the grow pot into the sand and the plants will not have their "feet" standing in water. Excess water can be poured out of the larger container if too much has been added.

  2. exactly, jack! also, i'm new to succulents, really, and i don't know which ones like which conditions yet. i wanted to be able to move them around if i need to without uprooting them to do it. thanks for stopping by.