Monday, February 8, 2010

Fresh Market Phalenopsis

My husband chose this orchid for me recently on a trip to Fresh Market.  I like the unusual coloration.  Do you think I can get it to rebloom?  Forget rebloom, how about keep it alive?  I haven't had much luck with orchids over the long term, but fortunately they stay in bloom a very long time.


  1. Orchids are great, aren't they? This is a nice shot. I have one that has rebloomed yearly now for about three years. Just be patient as once all the blooms are gone you may think it has died, but just water it about once a week (little bit) and eventually you'll see new growth.

  2. melissa, thanks for the comment and the cultivation tips. i do think i get impatient and give up with these plants too soon. i was kind of pleased with the photo - i'm just beginning to move beyond point and it!