Sunday, November 15, 2009

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day, November 15, 2009

Carol at May Dreams Gardens hosts Bloom Day every month. Today is the first time I've managed to get my pictures done and up in time! Charlotte has lots blooming in November. Besides what you see from my garden, there are Encore azaleas making their repeat for fall and camellias are starting up all over town. If you add in all the leaves which are especially colorful this year, and the berries of all types, you can imagine how gorgeous it is on this 76 degree, brilliantly sunny day.


  1. Good job!! I am just about to post my blooms, been a long day. Nice to see the sun and what a glorious day. Your blooms are all the different sages you have.

  2. Beautiful. I fondly remember the camelias in my grandmother's front yard in Greenville, NC. Too hot for them down here...they'd be fried & roasted.