Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Zinnias' Last Hurrah

2009 October 26 zinnias

Can you ever have enough zinnias?  These are 'Cut and Come Again,' and they were true to the name.  I have only a couple of small patches of sunlight and I put herbs there, but I squeeze in zinnias and tomatoes every year, too, and always want more of both.  Next year I will go with a shorter variety because, though I loved these, they were just too tall (around 3-4 feet).  I'm thinking thumbelinas or pixie sunshine would look nicer.  Maybe I'll mix in alaska or  whirlybird nasturtium and  rainbow cherry tomatoes.  That would be a cheerful sight, wouldn't it?  Seeds are such an enticement.


  1. It's been a truly zinnia summer. I tuck a few zinnia seeds here and there where there is a space, at different times during the summer. As some of the oldest get ugly foliage and have to be pulled, others are coming into bloom nearby. I expect this rain will do the last of them in. I hope to save seeds.

  2. Lots of things are having their last hurrah! :) I still need to pull my one giant zinnia, but it keeps blooming so I feel bad! (Can't see your image for this post right now - unavailable on flickr?)