Thursday, October 29, 2009

'Ryan's Yellow'

28 October 2009 'Ryan's Yellow' chrysanthemum

This is the second year for 'Ryan's Yellow' chrysanthemum in my garden. From one 4 inch pot, I now have a clump at least three feet across. I planted it in partial sun and have given it very little care except to pinch it back a time or two to increase the number of flowers and make the plants less floppy. These are vigorous and satisfying to grow. The deer and voles don't seem interested in them. They're pretty and long-lasting cut flowers and there's a 'Ryan's Pink' as well. Are you convinced to grow them yet?


  1. Yes, I am convinced. I have a 'Sheffield's Pink' that is similar to Ryan's Yellow and I simply love it. I'll keep a look out for the yellow.

  2. I think the Sheffield Pink and the Ryan's Yellow together would be a nice fall grouping!