Friday, September 25, 2009

Hurricane Hugo, September 22, 1989

I had jury duty for the first time this week. I'm not a felon and have been driving and voting in Mecklenburg County for, well, many years, but somehow it was never my turn before now.

I didn't make it into a court room, but did see two movies, go to lunch and eat popcorn before leaving. I also earned $12. Whooeee!

Since I was away from home, I didn't get to post this picture on the actual anniversary of Hugo. I notice I was a day early with the first day of fall post, too. I know you'll forgive me.

My little daughter was five when Hugo hit. A few hours after the storm, we went outside to this scene in the backyard.

We found out eventually that the entire city looked something like this. Who would've guessed a hurricane could do so much damage so far inland? We were powerless and showerless for over two weeks!

The silver lining of the storm was that I could grow herbs and miniature roses in my yard afterwards, which was such an exciting thing that I didn't miss the trees for long.


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  1. I was there in 1989. I was actually stationed at Fort Bragg when the work came there was a hurricane inbound. The Army was most worried about the equipment but no so worried about the soldiers. Luckily it dodged us but I remember Charlotte took a big hit.