Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Driveway Garden

I have a kitchen garden beside my driveway which is in total disarray this year. There were a few flowers mixed in with the herbs and tomatoes, but deer kept them pruned to a third of their normal heights. Finally, the Rudbeckia rebelled and bloomed in spite of the deer, and some cardinal vines showed up and wove themselves over and through everything. I thought I had removed all that lemon balm, but there it is anyway. You can't see the garlic chives but they look nice enough to mix in with the perennials in my front yard garden next year. There's a robust rosemary that is blooming like crazy again. Disarray looks lovely right now.

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  1. Hey there!
    Just found you through Gina's blog (ain't she sweet?).
    Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging.
    Careful, you may end up like me and become totally consumed/addicted to beautiful plant pics and advice on all those garden blogs out there.
    Have you visited MyFolia, GaredenWeb or Blogtanical yet?
    lol, yeah, I'm such an enabler!