Monday, May 19, 2008

Don't believe those lists of "deer resistant" plants. If there are any particular plants deer prefer, I haven't been able to tell in my garden. This year they have eaten the fresh tips of nearly everything, thorny rosebushes and hairy coneflowers included. They've pruned my azaleas and oakleaf hydrangeas. They've eaten the tops off all the sunflowers that started under the birdfeeders. I nearly gave up growing hostas because they love them so much, but this year, the hostas are completely intact. So who knows what they'll eat. I wonder if I spray eau de daylily on the half acre of english ivy in the back yard if they'll eat that then? I doubt it, don't you? No, it's the expensive plants, the ones you fertilize and water that they prefer. I'm thinking of trying a wireless deer fence, but haven't been completely sold yet. Oh the frustration.


  1. Goodness gracious! what a beautiful garden!

  2. I've tried the so-called "deer-resistant" shrubs before, but a hungry deer will eat anything. The only luck I've had was with Havahart’s Deer Off. It worked like magic. It’s the only organic deer repellent. The OMRI logo is on the label. William Moss on CBS morning show said that’s the important logo to know what you’re getting is truly organic.

    Here's the spray I'm talking about: